Publishing your work

There will be different options available for aspiring authors to publish their work.

1. The students whose work are evaluated as the best could be offered a publishing deal by Sarane publishers, this is not limited to any genre. (This is only applicable for the third year students.)
2. Students’ work could be published together with other students’ work.
3. A co-publish agreement could be entered in between the aspiring author and Sarane Publishers.

Joint venture publishing

To enter into a joint venture with Sarane Publishers are now possible. For more information contact us.
Different packages are available to make your publishing dream a reality.

Basic rules

•    You will have to contribute to the cost of publishing your work
•    You will receive 25% royalties compared to 12% that is the usual percentage of royalties
•    We still have to eccept and approve of your body of work
•    It could be that we expect of you to make changes to improve your work if necessary
•    We have the final say concerning editing
•    You will be jointly responsible for the marketing of your book

Preferred genres

We will consider works of all the different genres

To submit your work

Submitting a book proposal

Whether it is an author's monograph or a selection of essays by different authors under the editorship of one or more scholars, your initial proposal should contain the following basic information, in addition to the title, authors'/editors' name, and affiliations:
•    A preliminary description or overview, preferably not longer than two pages. This summary should centre on your book's subject and give an idea of how that subject is developed or from which perspective/s it is being approached.
•    Whenever relevant, provide information about illustrated material or any other special graphic features that might be required.
•    A succinct authors'/editors' information sheet to acquaint the appropriate editors with your qualifications and experience in the topic.
•    Marketing information describing the prospective readership for your book.
•    Proposed title’s originality versus marketplace competition: if possible identify recently published books that treat the same topic and mention how your proposed book will be different.
•    If available, include a table of contents. In the case of a collection of essays by different authors around a central subject, please include the affiliations of the contributors.
•    Your manuscript. Please do not forward complete manuscripts as part of a proposal. We want approximately 3000 words to get a feel of your writing style. If your manuscript has already been completed, specify the total number of words, including index, references and annexes. If your project is in progress, give us an estimated date of completion and delivery, and approximate total length.
•    Upon receipt, we will forward your proposal to one or more general editors and/or editorial boards of the series for which your book would be most suitable. It usually takes them 2-3 weeks to consider it and decide whether to go further with it. We request that you send the complete manuscript only after a corresponding editor or board expresses interest in your proposal.
•    Once you have sent us the manuscript, the subsequent period of consideration by the editorial board is approximately three months. We however try to complete it sooner. During this period we expect you to refrain from simultaneous or multiple submissions to other publishers as it already cost us money and we are already investing resources and.time into your manuscript.
•    Also indicate if you are interested in joint publishing.

Please send all proposals to:

You can help us process your proposal quickly if you adhere to the standard format of submission described above.