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Understand God: Including you don’t need to pay your tithe and you may get a divorce

In South Africa, more than 80 % of the people claim that they are Christians. In South Africa, there is also a woman that is raped every 6 seconds and one in five children is sexually molested. We also see that 70 % of people look at pornography and about 70 % of all married people will at some point have an extramarital relationship. All of the above are often done by people that claim to be Christians and then they go to great lengths to hide it and pretend that they are perfect and very good.
Many people ask why Christians are not perfect, but that is not the right question to ask. We all know that nobody is perfect; it is one of the major goals of the Bible, to show us that we are not perfect and will never be and therefore need God! The question is where the culture of pretending that you are perfect came from? And why do people who, are supposed to have Christ, do many bad and even terrible things? Is God really the King of their lives?
It is as if we have a society of covering up and making everything looks good. (Everyone must think you’re wonderful and perfect – it seems that if people believe it then it will be real! As long as people think you are a good person, then you are! People tend to put what others think of them much higher than the truth, what they know themselves and what God thinks of them! It is totally ridiculous and wrong!
The above statistics show however, that our society and individuals are rotten on the inside.
On the other hand those who do not play the game and dare to live honestly are condemned. I believe in owning up and not blaming others; thus taking the responsibility for your choices and actions. I also believe that your choices and visible behaviour does not always define who you are but are sometimes just part of your learning and growth process. Behaviour is often based on what we’ve learned, other times the lack thereof; but it is the new directions we take after making a mistake that really defines us. This is the reason why we should not judge others - as the Bible clearly says - and why it's so amazing that God looks at our heart and intentions.
This spirit of religiousness that enveloped our society is precisely what stands in the way between us and a real relationship with God. The more you pretend and the more you worry about what others think of you and the more you try and rely on yourself, the less you lean on God.
You will also note that I am referring to Christians in general terms. It is because I believe that most Christians are actually only religious and have no relationship with God. Shiny on the outside, but rotten on the inside is a characteristic of a religious, just-in-name Christian, like the Pharisees of old.
If you really have a love relationship with God, knows Him, honours Him and focuses on God and what He wants from you and then surrenders to Him, brings freedom. You can stop pretending because it doesn’t impress God anyway, He knows everything, so what does it matter what people think, people have no say over your soul, but it is God you should fear!
The spirit of religiousness that hangs over us is something that the devil uses to make us feel guilty and control and manipulate us. It often manifests itself through church people and church leaders. Have you ever heard someone say that it is in the church where they got hurt most? It comes from pretending, self-righteousness and a judgmental attitude that you will often find in the church. People listen to them in good faith and believe what is said to them instead of reading the Bible and allowing the Spirit of God to enable them to make a distinction between lies and the truth.
These churches and church leaders use the lie of ‘you should do everything right' and their conclusions and decisions about what is the right thing are used to control people, manipulate them and put them in bondage. They preach from the pulpits against conversion (something that is very clear and an explicit principle in the Bible) and are legalistic (thus believe we are still under the law and refer back to the law). And just for good measure, focus on money, telling people to give more and then they can do what they want.
To do everything right, to be self-righteous and condemn people who are not ‘perfect’, is never what God intended!