Online Art Therapy Short Course

(R2800 – 4 to 6 weeks, but can be completed at your own pace)

This course is introductory to help you to understand Art Therapy and the process of Art Therapy. It illustrates the value and application through experientials and thus teaches you the basic concept and approach.
This will enable you to integrate using art as medium with other forms of counselling, also to make a decision if you want to do our more comprehensive course to gain more knowledge on this amazing tool in and form of counselling and it will enable a process of self-growth.

Chapter 1
An introduction to art therapy
1.1          Know the situation worldwide regarding the development of the field
1.2          Define and apply basic principles of Art Therapy
1.3          Understand the benefits and application

Chapter 2
Your journey: Experientials
2.1          Journaling
2.2          Mandalas
2.3          Paint
2.4          Clay

Chapter 3
3.1          Stages and application
3.2          Process vs outcome
3.3          Different possible applications

The Art Therapy course counts for external CPD points.


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